Monday, 25 July 2011


This is a small post about my new fashion blog.
It is a site i have built with my partner and has a lot of things on there.
I have my own corner which is all about Fashion, Gossip and photography. I would love for you guys who read this to visit it and if you have facebook or googlemail then by all means come and join it!

Would love lots of people to see it and come get an idea of what we are really like!

Please check it out you beautiful people!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Hello Kitty

Yes girls...hello kitty is what i shall be blogging about.....
I love the design and how girly it is and just reminds all girls that no matter how old you can still be a child at heart. I am completely blown away and now want to go and visit Tokyo for their huge passion for Hello Kitty and fashion (see prev blogs). now with their style and how they present things :D it would be an amazing trip that hopefully i can take with my partner and get some great photos too as i want to broaden my photographic skills. Ideally with all the photography i want to go into Fashion photography anyways and capture some of these beautiful things that people throw at the world which may not get recognised. 
I have some little affinity.
Through my very busy mornings i like to take time to have a cup of tea and browse whats going on in the fashion world of Tokyo. This week i found a very inspiring and gorgeous exhibition of hello kitty that i want to share with all you lovers out there!

Swarovski had created "The house of Hello Kitty"
Appart from being a girls was a very good cause. The exhibition was to help the Earthquake reliefe. The nine creations that were made for the exhibition were put to auction at the end of the day and the money raised went to the Earthquake charity.
Swarovski had created just 9 pieces to go onto auction on the 29th June 2011. The pieces ranged in size and expence. A small 30cm HK doll figurine made from 19,636 crystals was worth $14,500, a huge 1.2 million yen. From the small to the oversized was shown in the House of Hello Kitty over the day.

I think having an event that benifits charity is very much worth it. It feels really good knowing that people are being helped at the same time as people are enjoying materpieces of modern art. It very much helps people feel good about art and how they are causing people to get good things from something that is making them feel good.

Click the link below to see a preview video to advertise. It is very interesting and made in a great way. Please post your opinions and comments :D 

Much Love A xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feel Good Feeling!!

Today' post shall be addressing the "feel good feelings" we all get. Happy feeling :) that make you smile.
This post derives from the fact i dyed my hair today. ONE of my feel good feelings. I love having newly treated hair. I love my hair completely, i cannot deny it.  It makes me look good which in turn makes me feel good!

So now its time for summer. The weather is hotting up and the days are getting much much longer!  YEY. All those night lovers shall be staying up really late (me) ahha. Day lovers get more time to get up and do things that are needed. Holidays happen and gatherings are arising. Overall summer is a general good feeling for most people. I know i look forward to the summer because of the hot weather.

i have other feel good feelings. As most people do. My main one would be my partner. How he notices little things and lets me know, hugs and kisses and his general presence. Beauty treatments. Feel good feelings for me wittle down to having a smoke and cuppa in the morning when i wake up :)

What are your feel good feelings?
comment with them...please :)

A xxx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Im going to paint my nails today, i can't grow them and love wearing fake ones, however i cannot afford it at the moment so the old nail polish has to go on so my hands dont look terrible. Coral or turquoise blue??

Heading from my last post i have now crammed my partners ebay watch list with items of clothing and makeup....which is a good thing because he won't be stuck for gift ideas and also it lets me catalogue what i want to buy and go back to it when i want. I could spend hours on Ebay just looking for things. I was amazed at how much they actually i have never been a big Ebay fan. Summer clothes and makeup are VERY cheap from Ebay so i'm at liberty to look into it a bit more and top up my wardrobe! & my makeup set.

As the summer is approaching im seeing more and more about diet and exercise to get a "perfect bikini body" don't get me wrong i would love the perfect beach body all year round to be honest...but we all know it takes so much effort and time to look like the people they post in an advertisement. It's all well and good to exercise and eat well to get healthy and to get fit...but everyone's body is different so some people will lose a little bit of weight quickly and some will have to wait a couple of months.
With all the publishers and editors making their magazines about Summer bodies....they should really start early. Plus there are no quick fixes! I have tried many a beach body diet and it makes you feel really shoddy for a while and from my experience it is not a nice feeling when the summer comes in and everyone says you look nice but you feel like you want to cry or just burst into rage.
      With this i would advise girls/women everywhere that if you want to get slimmer for summer start early in spring and build up your exercise plan and eat foods that you like.DoNOT stick to foods you think you SHOULD things that are healthy and YOU ENJOY THEM. There really is no point of a diet if you are going to hate the food and it will take away your motivation. 
  Personally this summer im just eating what i want and doing regular exercise each week to burn calories but im not going OTT with it all like i have done in the past. This is mainly down to having a loving partner who loves me how i am and doesn't mind me doing what i want to do health wise. Smoking is not a helper to being healthy but its an addiction and its something that will be hard to quit when the time comes. I have a curvy body shape which i am starting to love too! Again down to my partner giving me the confidence and how he loves it so i should :)

     So ladies do what you think is right this summer and look fabulous in doing so! here are some beach photographs that i really like to get you all in the mood for summer! :)   Comment!!

A x gorgeous CURVY woman
 Heidi Range...Curves galore!
Tyra Banks....gorgeous. Always curvy and looking fab!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I love summer!

Basically i have gone summer mad! Once again, like every year, i get what i like to call "SFM" which translates to Summer Fashion Madness. It's where i like to go mad at looking for new clothes for the summer season and ones i could use during the winter months so that i don't chuck key items out of my wardrobe.
I have been searching on Ebay...which okay is not the best thing to be doing when completely skint but it has some lovely items!!

This summer i want to get a girly look going for myself that is very feminine and cute. I have never been a cute kinda girl with my clothing or mannerisms, so its always nice to have a change. I would love to become more girly in the way i dress and present myself. So may as well start somewhere, and that is Ebay. I have an arrany of nail polish so i won't be needing to check that out and my makeup is all sorted. Tan is not on the list as i like having a pale complexion and showing that off during the summer months.

Anyone else get SFM or something similar?? im sure all you ladies love shopping over the summer and treating yourselves to new things to make you look even more fabulous than ever!!!

Items on the SFM list:
Ballerina Shoes
BIG Jewellery
Chiffon Dresses
A Line Dresses
Tight Jeans
Ripped Jeans
Vintage tops
Hair Flowers

All sorts there on the list... anyone have any more suggestions? i have an hourglass figure so i have to be very careful when getting clothes so that they flatter and do not frump my frame.

FashionFixation xxxx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fashion Hair....

I watch the Great British Hairdresser on  Channel4 like its the bible.... I love hairdressing and the programme has been really good and showed me a lot about the celeb and fashion industry when working with hair. Very sad that it was the Final last night to watch. Even though i love the programme i do think that Keris should not have won..... the decision was based on Keris and James as the last two contestants. The last challenges were to direct a team and create a signature look...then to style The Saturdays for a set of portraits. 

The contestants met Vidal Sassoon for some inspirational words and advice! lucky lucky people. Vidal was the hairdresser to create the iconic bob of the 60's....and thus changing the way women wore there hair in centuries to come. He is an inspiration to all those in the fashion industry when looking at hair and creating hairstyles. 

So the final challenges where very different. 
Keris made a signature look of "Big hair", which, if you watch the show is a very safe play and common idea for Keris. To me she should have broken out and done something a lot different than what she would normally do, however she did not. She had a major panic when the team weren't going in the same direction as hers so she got very stressed and upset. 
James created a signature look of "structure" again another thing that James likes to do and create. However his photographs turned out really nicely and the team were very calm. 

The portraits of The Saturdays were really nice. All very natural hair done by both stylists which made the competition really hard to choose from. Personally i think that james should have been chosen because he seems more adaptable to briefs than Keris but alas Keris was chosen as "The Great British Hairdresser". Well done.

Which is the best signature look to you?? 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


WHAT DO YOU THINK??? post in a comment at the end :) 
So as i was taking in my daily venture into the world of gossip i came across an artical that completely blew my mind....Kelly Osbourne is getting fat. Okay celebs getting fat is not anything out of the ordinary when it comes to media criticism but this I though was VERY unfair. 
After Kelly Osbourne lost a staggering 40 pounds, she looked FABULOUS! and like any other celeb she showed it off to the world! Everyone was in awe of her new figure and thought she looked great. Now Kelly has now been called "Fat" because she is not one of the stick thin models or celebs that you see walking around now a days, you know the ones.....that when they turn sideways they disappear??...yeah them ones. 

I think its totally outrageous that they call her fat like that just because she looks HEALTHY. There's a complete difference in looking healthy and looking fat. Plus she has just kicked Taylor Momsen off the spot for Material Girl fashion.... so she is doing fantastic!  More girls and women are going to look up to the celebs that are healthy weight and looking good because its more realistic....yes okay we have airbrushing, suck in pants and bodyfit clothes but the people who look healthy for their size are the REAL celebs that make media tabloids worth reading when it concerns weight. 

Here are some other celebs that i think are healthy looking:

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Ziad Ghanem

A wonderful designer! i came across him looking at London models on Facebook, so the photographs are from their page and all copyright to them of course.... His collection so far for this year is fantastic. Bold shapes, dark colours, fantasy style along with a hint of class and sophistication. I love it :) I hope you will too. The runway show that's being held is great and really brings out the style of the collection. The hair and make-up compliment it perfectly, making the model, client and the public happy to bring such a dramatic edge to fashion in 2011. I cannot get enough of his works! Seriously! Completely Beautiful and it really depicts femininity with a spicey edge which is what most women are looking for in modern day, something with edge, something with spice, something that will turn heads, one piece of clothing that will make a pure statement for the rest of their lives. Yes ladies i think that Ziads work does this wonderfully and hits all of the above points. I would feel privaledged to wear something he has designed.

Which, in your opinion is the best piece?? 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April Showers.

Hot news for BURBERRY
They have the new APRIL SHOWERS COLLECTION, which is completely gorgeous. As much as i am not a huge fan on Burberry normally I truly think they have outdone themselves with this new collection for Spring 2011. Bold colour, Statement pieces, Gorgeous photography, the collection has it all. Defiantly going to be one to keep an eye on this Spring. Stepping up the game is in order for designers everywhere if they want to truly match the severity and style of Burberry. 
Tell me what you think! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Japanese JOY!

Today's post is going to be about the gorgeous fashion in Japan. I was generally browsing facebook fashion pages that i have and looked at Tokyo Fashion which is a lovely page...please visit :)
I've never been a person to look at Japan and their fashion but stumbling across this has really changed my mind. My partner showed me Lolita a while ago because i'm really into my big accessories, which i loved when i took one look at the site. Also being someone who wants to become a fashion photographer and hairstylist i was looking at hair bows which is a Hello Kitty/Japanese hairstyle. I tried this out on my best friend and it looks a tad messy but i am pleased with my attempt at it for the first time as i do not have hair long enough to create the look on myself....

The whole idea of Lolita is to look like a "Doll" which is really cute and very sweet. The ideals of it i love and the clothing is extremely inviting, especially to those girls who like to think they are still young at heart (i am a big criminal of this offence.) The UK price of the clothing is not too expensive (£40). They do a lot of different styles as well such as punk, sweet/cute, gothic....which is another reason Japanese fashion catches my eye, they are so diverse and cater to all types of people. Lolita is not the only brand out there, there are a lot of them which is lovely. I just cannot get over how excited i am looking at it and how diverse it is. 
So i am now wanting to take a trip to Japan and go mad with money and spend, spend, spend! My boyfriend loves the Japanese culture so its pretty fitting for the both of us so we can share the experience together. 

Here are a few photographs from Tokyo Fashion that i really like so you can get an idea of what the fashion is like :) comment please. 

Panda bag...ADORABLE. 

this isn't fashion but i thought it was eye catching and something worth a show! 

BIG hair bows

Lolita Look. 

Monday, 18 April 2011

NYC and London....yes please!

Technically, this is my first proper post on this blog as i am new to this. 
So i wanted to make it one of my favourite that I will post. London and New York City fashion weeks, they are the two times of the year that i most look forward to and keep reading up on. Meaning that this glorious event needs to be shared with you who are reading. 

Fashion weeks all over the world bring new and innovative styles to the ever so changing fashion trend that women rely upon in daily life. This year is no different with some of the designers such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and many more. All bringing their own twist and trend to the runway to make women look fabulous! Over the course of the shows in London and NYC beautiful trends have emerged such as; Nude with bold patterns, elegant shoes and soft flowing material. Some of these will blow the minds of fashionistas everywhere! This year is no change to the tradition of difference and individuality that flows across fashion week year by year captivating all members of the public and fashion eye. 
Here are a few iconic images that caught my eye....

New York Fashion Week 2011
Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren


Marc Jacobs

London Fashion Week 2011
Bunmi KoKo.

FAKE London

Overall i think that the designers have really out done themselves this year to bring up new and inspiring fashion for spring/summer. They have really thought of everything from head to the tips of the toes. High street this year is going to have to pull up their socks and watch designers this year to bring out some controversial and glamorous styles. 
Personally i love FAKE London, they are so simplistic but iconic and Bunmi KoKo just fascinates me to no end. So they really make me smile this season. 


p.s comments would be appreciated as it is my first time blogging! thanks. 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

First Fashion Post.

It's now 4.06am in what is expected to be a sunny spring/summer 2011.
I have decided to document all things Fashion, as it is one of the things i live for in life. A major part of everyday life is fashion, and its all around. Whether it be in clothes, make up, skin, artwork, road design, buildings, nature...its all around us, we just don't notice it.
So as the sun draws into the ever long days of Spring I shall be documenting and keeping up with the latest in the ever so growing Fashion world.
Spring is looking promising so far, as nude colours, floral and heels all come into the daytime and evening trends.