Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Japanese JOY!

Today's post is going to be about the gorgeous fashion in Japan. I was generally browsing facebook fashion pages that i have and looked at Tokyo Fashion which is a lovely page...please visit :) http://www.facebook.com/TokyoFashion
I've never been a person to look at Japan and their fashion but stumbling across this has really changed my mind. My partner showed me Lolita a while ago because i'm really into my big accessories, which i loved when i took one look at the site. Also being someone who wants to become a fashion photographer and hairstylist i was looking at hair bows which is a Hello Kitty/Japanese hairstyle. I tried this out on my best friend and it looks a tad messy but i am pleased with my attempt at it for the first time as i do not have hair long enough to create the look on myself....

The whole idea of Lolita is to look like a "Doll" which is really cute and very sweet. The ideals of it i love and the clothing is extremely inviting, especially to those girls who like to think they are still young at heart (i am a big criminal of this offence.) The UK price of the clothing is not too expensive (£40). They do a lot of different styles as well such as punk, sweet/cute, gothic....which is another reason Japanese fashion catches my eye, they are so diverse and cater to all types of people. Lolita is not the only brand out there, there are a lot of them which is lovely. I just cannot get over how excited i am looking at it and how diverse it is. 
So i am now wanting to take a trip to Japan and go mad with money and spend, spend, spend! My boyfriend loves the Japanese culture so its pretty fitting for the both of us so we can share the experience together. 

Here are a few photographs from Tokyo Fashion that i really like so you can get an idea of what the fashion is like :) comment please. 

Panda bag...ADORABLE. 

this isn't fashion but i thought it was eye catching and something worth a show! 

BIG hair bows

Lolita Look. 


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  2. Amazing shots and post!!!Thanks for sharing!


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