Monday, 18 April 2011

NYC and London....yes please!

Technically, this is my first proper post on this blog as i am new to this. 
So i wanted to make it one of my favourite that I will post. London and New York City fashion weeks, they are the two times of the year that i most look forward to and keep reading up on. Meaning that this glorious event needs to be shared with you who are reading. 

Fashion weeks all over the world bring new and innovative styles to the ever so changing fashion trend that women rely upon in daily life. This year is no different with some of the designers such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and many more. All bringing their own twist and trend to the runway to make women look fabulous! Over the course of the shows in London and NYC beautiful trends have emerged such as; Nude with bold patterns, elegant shoes and soft flowing material. Some of these will blow the minds of fashionistas everywhere! This year is no change to the tradition of difference and individuality that flows across fashion week year by year captivating all members of the public and fashion eye. 
Here are a few iconic images that caught my eye....

New York Fashion Week 2011
Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren


Marc Jacobs

London Fashion Week 2011
Bunmi KoKo.

FAKE London

Overall i think that the designers have really out done themselves this year to bring up new and inspiring fashion for spring/summer. They have really thought of everything from head to the tips of the toes. High street this year is going to have to pull up their socks and watch designers this year to bring out some controversial and glamorous styles. 
Personally i love FAKE London, they are so simplistic but iconic and Bunmi KoKo just fascinates me to no end. So they really make me smile this season. 


p.s comments would be appreciated as it is my first time blogging! thanks. 

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