Wednesday, 27 April 2011


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So as i was taking in my daily venture into the world of gossip i came across an artical that completely blew my mind....Kelly Osbourne is getting fat. Okay celebs getting fat is not anything out of the ordinary when it comes to media criticism but this I though was VERY unfair. 
After Kelly Osbourne lost a staggering 40 pounds, she looked FABULOUS! and like any other celeb she showed it off to the world! Everyone was in awe of her new figure and thought she looked great. Now Kelly has now been called "Fat" because she is not one of the stick thin models or celebs that you see walking around now a days, you know the ones.....that when they turn sideways they disappear??...yeah them ones. 

I think its totally outrageous that they call her fat like that just because she looks HEALTHY. There's a complete difference in looking healthy and looking fat. Plus she has just kicked Taylor Momsen off the spot for Material Girl fashion.... so she is doing fantastic!  More girls and women are going to look up to the celebs that are healthy weight and looking good because its more realistic....yes okay we have airbrushing, suck in pants and bodyfit clothes but the people who look healthy for their size are the REAL celebs that make media tabloids worth reading when it concerns weight. 

Here are some other celebs that i think are healthy looking:


  1. Yes, you are right and I think she looks so nice!

  2. I agree!
    I'm sick of all the unbelievably skinny models - not that I like "fat" people but if I had to choose one extreme, it would be plump (or how to call it... not exactly 200 kg), because people like that look like they know how to enjoy life :))

  3. TOTALLY agree! Stick thin models that fall through street grates seem to be the standard, but it's a pretty impossible standard for most people to reach. Weighing more than 40kg is normal for crying out loud!


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