Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fashion Hair....

I watch the Great British Hairdresser on  Channel4 like its the bible.... I love hairdressing and the programme has been really good and showed me a lot about the celeb and fashion industry when working with hair. Very sad that it was the Final last night to watch. Even though i love the programme i do think that Keris should not have won..... the decision was based on Keris and James as the last two contestants. The last challenges were to direct a team and create a signature look...then to style The Saturdays for a set of portraits. 

The contestants met Vidal Sassoon for some inspirational words and advice! lucky lucky people. Vidal was the hairdresser to create the iconic bob of the 60's....and thus changing the way women wore there hair in centuries to come. He is an inspiration to all those in the fashion industry when looking at hair and creating hairstyles. 

So the final challenges where very different. 
Keris made a signature look of "Big hair", which, if you watch the show is a very safe play and common idea for Keris. To me she should have broken out and done something a lot different than what she would normally do, however she did not. She had a major panic when the team weren't going in the same direction as hers so she got very stressed and upset. 
James created a signature look of "structure" again another thing that James likes to do and create. However his photographs turned out really nicely and the team were very calm. 

The portraits of The Saturdays were really nice. All very natural hair done by both stylists which made the competition really hard to choose from. Personally i think that james should have been chosen because he seems more adaptable to briefs than Keris but alas Keris was chosen as "The Great British Hairdresser". Well done.

Which is the best signature look to you?? 

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