Thursday, 2 June 2011

I love summer!

Basically i have gone summer mad! Once again, like every year, i get what i like to call "SFM" which translates to Summer Fashion Madness. It's where i like to go mad at looking for new clothes for the summer season and ones i could use during the winter months so that i don't chuck key items out of my wardrobe.
I have been searching on Ebay...which okay is not the best thing to be doing when completely skint but it has some lovely items!!

This summer i want to get a girly look going for myself that is very feminine and cute. I have never been a cute kinda girl with my clothing or mannerisms, so its always nice to have a change. I would love to become more girly in the way i dress and present myself. So may as well start somewhere, and that is Ebay. I have an arrany of nail polish so i won't be needing to check that out and my makeup is all sorted. Tan is not on the list as i like having a pale complexion and showing that off during the summer months.

Anyone else get SFM or something similar?? im sure all you ladies love shopping over the summer and treating yourselves to new things to make you look even more fabulous than ever!!!

Items on the SFM list:
Ballerina Shoes
BIG Jewellery
Chiffon Dresses
A Line Dresses
Tight Jeans
Ripped Jeans
Vintage tops
Hair Flowers

All sorts there on the list... anyone have any more suggestions? i have an hourglass figure so i have to be very careful when getting clothes so that they flatter and do not frump my frame.

FashionFixation xxxx

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