Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feel Good Feeling!!

Today' post shall be addressing the "feel good feelings" we all get. Happy feeling :) that make you smile.
This post derives from the fact i dyed my hair today. ONE of my feel good feelings. I love having newly treated hair. I love my hair completely, i cannot deny it.  It makes me look good which in turn makes me feel good!

So now its time for summer. The weather is hotting up and the days are getting much much longer!  YEY. All those night lovers shall be staying up really late (me) ahha. Day lovers get more time to get up and do things that are needed. Holidays happen and gatherings are arising. Overall summer is a general good feeling for most people. I know i look forward to the summer because of the hot weather.

i have other feel good feelings. As most people do. My main one would be my partner. How he notices little things and lets me know, hugs and kisses and his general presence. Beauty treatments. Feel good feelings for me wittle down to having a smoke and cuppa in the morning when i wake up :)

What are your feel good feelings?
comment with them...please :)

A xxx

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  1. You have reminded me to make a much needed hair appointment! And I'm working on making this next month a really positive happy one.


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