Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Im going to paint my nails today, i can't grow them and love wearing fake ones, however i cannot afford it at the moment so the old nail polish has to go on so my hands dont look terrible. Coral or turquoise blue??

Heading from my last post i have now crammed my partners ebay watch list with items of clothing and makeup....which is a good thing because he won't be stuck for gift ideas and also it lets me catalogue what i want to buy and go back to it when i want. I could spend hours on Ebay just looking for things. I was amazed at how much they actually i have never been a big Ebay fan. Summer clothes and makeup are VERY cheap from Ebay so i'm at liberty to look into it a bit more and top up my wardrobe! & my makeup set.

As the summer is approaching im seeing more and more about diet and exercise to get a "perfect bikini body" don't get me wrong i would love the perfect beach body all year round to be honest...but we all know it takes so much effort and time to look like the people they post in an advertisement. It's all well and good to exercise and eat well to get healthy and to get fit...but everyone's body is different so some people will lose a little bit of weight quickly and some will have to wait a couple of months.
With all the publishers and editors making their magazines about Summer bodies....they should really start early. Plus there are no quick fixes! I have tried many a beach body diet and it makes you feel really shoddy for a while and from my experience it is not a nice feeling when the summer comes in and everyone says you look nice but you feel like you want to cry or just burst into rage.
      With this i would advise girls/women everywhere that if you want to get slimmer for summer start early in spring and build up your exercise plan and eat foods that you like.DoNOT stick to foods you think you SHOULD things that are healthy and YOU ENJOY THEM. There really is no point of a diet if you are going to hate the food and it will take away your motivation. 
  Personally this summer im just eating what i want and doing regular exercise each week to burn calories but im not going OTT with it all like i have done in the past. This is mainly down to having a loving partner who loves me how i am and doesn't mind me doing what i want to do health wise. Smoking is not a helper to being healthy but its an addiction and its something that will be hard to quit when the time comes. I have a curvy body shape which i am starting to love too! Again down to my partner giving me the confidence and how he loves it so i should :)

     So ladies do what you think is right this summer and look fabulous in doing so! here are some beach photographs that i really like to get you all in the mood for summer! :)   Comment!!

A x gorgeous CURVY woman
 Heidi Range...Curves galore!
Tyra Banks....gorgeous. Always curvy and looking fab!


  1. It is great to see some curvy girls looking amazing. We get bombarded with so many pictures of super skinny girls that we start to feel that we have to be like this, we don't, their is more than one way to be beautiful.

  2. you know the terrible thing, those women are normal women, Not curvy women, they are skinny normal women! not medium or large women! the media has given us such a warped perspective of what a 'healthy body size' looks like that we think these gorgeous but skinny normal women are as large as we should get! now thats just wrong!


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