Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Ziad Ghanem

A wonderful designer! i came across him looking at London models on Facebook, so the photographs are from their page and all copyright to them of course.... His collection so far for this year is fantastic. Bold shapes, dark colours, fantasy style along with a hint of class and sophistication. I love it :) I hope you will too. The runway show that's being held is great and really brings out the style of the collection. The hair and make-up compliment it perfectly, making the model, client and the public happy to bring such a dramatic edge to fashion in 2011. I cannot get enough of his works! Seriously! Completely Beautiful and it really depicts femininity with a spicey edge which is what most women are looking for in modern day, something with edge, something with spice, something that will turn heads, one piece of clothing that will make a pure statement for the rest of their lives. Yes ladies i think that Ziads work does this wonderfully and hits all of the above points. I would feel privaledged to wear something he has designed.

Which, in your opinion is the best piece?? 

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  1. I love piece number two!A good headline would probably be...something like,"Gothic Love" I don't know...I feel it suits it right.Piece one is...I don't like the gigantic green feathers with the red hair...it's artistic but it's just too much.The third one is...too much makeup,nothing covering the breasts,and he's a guy.I have nothing against guys dressing like women but...I just don't see a guy wearing that anywhere.Now,the last one.I love the sheer,first of all.The dress says sexy but sheer kind of dulls it down...like cute and sweet but at the same time sexy and bitter.Reminds me of those Russian female spies in movies :) Anyway,it's bitter-sweet.


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